`NB: Experimental package!`

react-with-native-notification is a wrapper of react-toastify for web and expo-notifications on iOS and Android


For a react project:

yarn add react-with-native-notification react-toastify

Also, add this to your root App.tsx or _app.tsx

import "react-toastify/dist/ReactToastify.css";

For a react-native expo project

expo install react-with-native-notification expo-notifications

Also, make sure to follow the installation instructions from the expo docs. You may have to request for permission first. It may not work within expo itself due to permission problems.


In your apps root:

import { ToastContainer } from "react-with-native-notification";

// and in somewhere high up your tree:

<ToastContainer />;

When you want to fire a notification:

import { toast } from "react-with-native-notification";

<Button onClick={() => toast("Hello world")}>Click me!</Button>;