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runEveryPeriod: midnight


All temporary assets that were created more than 24 hours ago and are still there, will be removed by this function.

This allows us to easily delete assets without concequences and also if the user closes a form without submitting it, these assets uploaded will go away.

This function should be executed using a daily CRON

📄 serverDownloadReply (exported const)

Returns a or server.reply.file but also sets the Content-Disposition header correctly and the Content-Type

For this I finally ended up using builtin server.js stuff, we don't need to set those manually...

See And


NB: ensure to return the result of this function in your endpoint, otherwise it won't work

📄 uploadAssetWithContext (exported const)

Uploads an asset to the server, and puts it in a temporary location in the assets folder of function-server. It returns the filename of the file in the temporary location.

It can only be accessed through that random name. This random name has 32 characters so cannot be easily guessed. This should be secure enough. The file should be moved to the final destination in the actual function that needs the file.

NB: this function only works by providing a file as blobs under the "file" property name!