Fs orm

fs-orm (node operation)

ORM that works with JSON and FS

Size: 671 LOC, 1927 data characters, 470 text characters,

Imported dependencies:

  • From Core Libraries: none
  • From Packages: none
  • From Operations: log, kebabCase, explore, exploreOperationFolders, getPathCombinations, fs, getOperationPath, getPathsWithOperations, getProjectRoot, getRootPath, kebabCase, makeArray, mergeObjectParameters, notEmpty, path, readJsonFile, readCsvFile, readMarkdownFile, kvMdStringToJson, log, getRootPath, DbStorageMethod, kebabCase, path, fs, readJsonFile, readCsvFile, csvItemToString, markdownParseToMarkdownString, readMarkdownFile, kvmdParseToMarkdownString, readKvmdFile, DbStorageMethod, MarkdownParse, KeyValueMarkdownParse, DbStorageMethod


Getting started

To get started with fs-orm, please have a look at the db package. This package shows you how to initiate a database object.

It is using a package sdk-db which you can create yourself (or generate, based on the models found in your monorepo)

From there, it's very easy to use fs-orm. For example, if you want to get all the Todo values, simply use something like this

const todos = await db.get("Todo");



Max. indexation depth: 7,

this function gets the files that the data can be stored, by convention, based on the model and the config

Returns: unknown


Max. indexation depth: 2,

gets all fileNames that should be only used for this model, by convention

Returns: array

  • null: string


modelName: string


Max. indexation depth: 6,

Returns: object




Max. indexation depth: 5,

used for set and push

used by update, remove, upsert indirectly (through 'set')

Returns: unknown