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Hook to store simple data in the URL

I spent the last 4 hours on this: I think it's pretty useful. It's a hook that makes it possible to use your URL as a state store. It works with arrays and single values of strings, booleans and numbers. It's a drop in replacement of useStore or useState. The advantage is that the user can share the URL which will also share their state. Usage in a component looks like this:

const [name, setName] = useUrl("name");

I was looking for ways to make the api more straightforward, especially the stuff in useUrl seems a bit messy. However, I couldn't find any way to make it better. Any tips are welcome!

TODO: make it work in react-native as well, either via a wrapper around useStore or via using the react-navigation param-store

Example usage
import {useCustomUrlStore}from "use-url-store";

export const useUrl = <T extends keyof typeof queryStore>(queryKey: T) => {

const queryStore = {
"type-index-type": useCustomUrlStore<string | undefined>("type-index-type", {
type: "string",

"has-comment-types": useCustomUrlStore<string[]>("has-comment-types", {
type: "string",
isArray: true,
"interface-is-db-model": useCustomUrlStore<boolean>("interface-is-db-model", {
type: "boolean",
path: useCustomUrlStore<string | undefined>("path", { type: "string" }),
name: useCustomUrlStore<string | undefined>("name", { type: "string" }),
type: useCustomUrlStore<string | undefined>("type", { type: "string" }),

return queryStore[queryKey];
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isArray (optional)boolean
allowUndefined (optional)boolean