React with Native

Bringing together React and React Native

NB: Experimental package!

react-with-native-router exposes useNavigation and useRouter which are 1:1 wrappers around useNavigation from react-navigation and useRouter from next/router respectively, and provide the most suitable result on web and native.

Creating screens and pages should still be done with react-navigation on react-native and using the /pages folder in next.js.

yarn add react-with-native-router

In react-native-apps, you also need to be using react-navigation in order to use this.

import { useRouter, useNavigation } from "react-with-native-router";
import { Button, P } from "react-with-native";
const YourPage = () => {
  // of course, it's better to just use one of them
  // as they have the same functionality (just a different api)
  const router = useRouter();
  const navigation = useNavigation();

  return (
      <Button onClick={() => router.push("/")}>
        <P>Go home</P>

      <Button onClick={() => navigation.navigate("login")}>